The Drone Pilot Gap Year

The Sky Is The Limit

The Drone Pilot Gap Year
– The Sky Is The Limit

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For many matriculants and University graduates, the choice to spend a ‘gap year’ figuring out their future is an increasingly popular choice.

After years of studying and being ‘told what to do’ the appeal to do your own thing is almost a universal desire.

Yet in an increasingly complex and competitive global job market having experiences and technical skills can literally give you wings to an amazing future. The sky is literally the limit.

So, instead of heading overseas and working odd jobs, becoming an ‘Au Pair”, Yacht Deckhand, camp counsellor or spending the year waiting tables – why not invest in becoming a qualified drone pilot by securing your Remote Pilot License (RPL).

What is an RPL?

An RPL is the qualification and license you need to fly a drone for professional purposes by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). By securing your RPL, you’re able to augment your current career path, or to grow further into the technology space.

Having a license to operate drones for a drone company or operator is increasingly critical an in-demand skill with thousands of jobs opening across the world. Plus, if you’re looking to study further in technology, engineering or follow a STEM career path – having a drone license distinguishes you. 

What Makes The RocketDNA RPL the Best in Class 

With a focus on the latest tech trends and real-world applications, RocketDNA brings extensive industry knowledge and best practice to achieving your drone license. As a subsidiary of Delta Drone International (DLTI), an Australian stock marker listed company, RocketDNA is a class above. 

If you are looking for an all-inclusive, admin-free drone 2-week course, this one is for you – we take care of it all!

Top Reasons to Get Your RPL in Your Gap Year

Gain a globally recognised qualification & licence

Gain real world experience & skills in one of the world’s fastest growing industries 

Earn real money and learn new and transferable skills (when you get hired)

Gain a qualification and then go study – You’ll still be ahead of your peers

A real and valuable Gap Year makes you more employable and attractive to future employers

Learn more about yourself and refocus doing something exciting and valuable 

If you or your child are interested in pursuing an RPL instead of heading straight to University enquire today about signing up for our next RPL course.

Taking place over 2 weeks and split between theory and practical, the RocketDNA course is taught by some of Africa’s most experienced pilots and operators.

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